Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Diary of Celebrity Xpeditions Galapagos

A Land Beyond Xpectations

Over one hundred fifty years ago, a man wrote about his quest that took him to a place where he would discover how life evolved thousands of years ago.  Travel with us as we follow in his footsteps and discover a land that is inhabited by species that can be found nowhere else on earth.
Come with us on our Celebrity Xpeditions adventure that begins in Quito, Ecauador where we had the opportunity to visit local sites including the Equatorial Line Monument.   Here you can stand on a line between the two hemispheres.
Our ultimate destination is an archipelago of volcanic islands near the equator in the Pacific Ocean.  We are met by a team of naturalists who transport us by Zodiacs to our waiting ship, Celebrity Xpedition.  

Celebrity Xpedition recently had their license suspended as we had reported (Lobsters Keep Cruise Ship from Entering National Park) and have now resumed sailing (Celebrity Xpedition to Resume Galapagos Sailings).  We are assembling past articles, posting images, and adding new material in this diary so that you can easily follow our complete adventure.   If you have any unanswered questions, we'd be happy to answer them and also help plan your own unforgettable adventure.

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Celebrity Xpeditions Packing for Galapagos
Why Visit Galapagos
Galapagos - Onboard Celebrity Xpedition
Celebrity Xpedition Food 
Celebrity Xpedition
1Quito, EcuadorCelebrity Xpedition - Day 1J W Marriott Quito
Celebrity Xpedition - Day 2 - Quito Old Town
Celebrity Xpedition - Day 2 - El Crater
Celebrity Xpedition - Day 2 - Equatorial Line Monument
Quito - Old Town
Quito - Lunch Stop
Quito - Equator
North Seymour
Celebrity Xpedition - Day 3 - Flight to Baltra
Galapagos - Day 3 - Welcome Aboard
Celebrity Xpedition - Day 3 North Seymour Island
Celebrity Xpedition
Galapagos - North Seymour Island  
4Kicker Rock;
Puerto Baquerizo Moreno;
Española Island
Galapagos - Kicker Rock
Galapagos - Puerto Baquerizo Moreno 
Galapagos - Day 4 Snorkeling Orientation 
Galapagos - Española
Galapagos - Kicker Rock 
Galapagos - San Cristobal 
Galapagos - Espanola Islands
5Floreana Island;
Cormorant Point - Baroness Lookout
Galapagos - Cormorant Point (Floreana)
Galapagos - Baroness Outlook (Floreana)
Galapagos - Cormorant Point
Galapagos - Baroness Lookout

6Bachas Beach (Santa Cruz);
Bartolomé Island
Galapagos - Bachas Beach (Santa Cruz)
Galapagos - Bartolomé Island (Day 6)
Crossing the Line 
Galapagos - Bachas Beach
Galapagos -Bartolome Islands
Crossing the Line Party - Galapagos Cruise (video) 
7Urbina Bay (Isabela);  Espinoza Point (Fernandina)
Galapagos - Urbina Bay
Galapagos - Fernandina Island (Day 7 Afternoon)
Galapagos Surprise - There She Blows
Galapagos - Urbina Bay
Galapagos - Dry Landing Fernandina Island
Galapagos - Scenic Cruising
Galapagos - Zodiac Ride Fernandina
8Santiago Island;
 Santa Cruz
Galapagos - Santiago (Day 8 Morning)
Galapagos - Santa Cruz (Day 8 Afternoon)
Galapagos - Santiago Island
Galapagos - Snorkeling (Santiago)
Galapagos - Dragon Hill (Santa Cruz) 
9Santa Cruz; Puerto AyoraGalapagos - Charles Darwin Research Center (Day 9)
Galapagos - Santa Cruz Highlands (Day 9 Afternoon)
Galapagos - Final Night on Xpedition
Galapagos National Park
Galapagos - Santa Cruz Highlands 
Farwell Party - Celebrity Xpedition Galapagos (Video)
10 Baltra to Quito Celebrity Xpedition - Disembarkation
Galapagos - Quito (Day 10)
Xpedition Disembarkation
11 Quito Galapagos - Mindo Cloud Forest (Day 11)
Galapagos - Return Home

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