Sunday, January 4, 2009

Crossing the Line

I've talked about Isabela & Fernandina, the highlights of Day 7, but neglected to mention one special event that happened the night before. As Celebrity Xpedition made its way from Bartolome Island to Urbina Bay (Isabela), the ship crossed into the Northern Hemisphere.

As usual, we had our evening briefing in Discovery Lounge. The Cruise Director explained the ship's course for the evening and the next day. He also invited us to a special event being held after dinner back in Discovery Lounge.

As is tradition onboard Celebrity Xpedition, on the evening that the ship crosses the Equator, a special party is held in commemoration of this event. It is the "Crossing the Line" party which is held at 10 PM.
Everyone gathered in Discovery Lounge for the party just before 10 PM. Similar to the countdown on New Year's eve, we anxiously awaited the actual crossing of the Equator into the Northern Hemisphere. We were told a special guest would appear at the moment we crossed.
Sure enough, King Neptune and his court appeared just as we crossed the line. He made his way through the crowd and selected a Queen. Who do you think King Neptune selected to be his Queen? Well, if you haven't guessed "me", let me break the news to you - it was me.  Watch this video:

A robe was placed on my shoulders, a crown was put on my head, and I was seated in front of the rest of the passengers while my subjects were selected. King Neptune wanted to please me, so the selected subjects had to entertain me until I was satisfied.

The Celebrity Xpedition staff really made this evening special. Later in the cruise, we would receive our certificate of crossing signed by the Captain of the vessel. I can now add this to my list of treasured memories of our cruises.

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