Monday, November 3, 2008

Galapagos - Española

Our afternoon activity was scheduled to be a dry landing at Punta Suárez, or Suárez Point, which is located on Española, the oldest Galapagos island. It has a high concentration of wildlife.

As our Zodiac approached our dry landing site, the waves started to roll in, preventing us from landing. One Zodiac had successfully made a landing before the waves started crashing in. The Naturalists always take safety into consideration and decided to wait for the waves to subside before attempting the landing.

We made several attempts to land at the original point, but then changed to an alternate rocky spot which was away from the waves. Several people got off the Zodiac at this alternate location. There were a few people, myself included, that were leary about exiting on the volcanic rocks and stayed onboard the Zodiac. We made a final attempt at the original spot and then returned to the alternate location to let anyone that still wanted to do the dry landing to exit the Zodiac. My husband got off, but I stayed on the Zodiac and returned to the ship.

Expect to observe sea lions, Galapagos hawks, Blue-footed and Masked Boobies, and Red Marine Iguanas, strange creatures found only on this island. In additon to the above, my husband saw Mocking Birds and a snake. As usual, he was able to get up close to the wildlife for plenty of photo opportunities.

Because we had wasted so much time trying to land, the hike was shortened, but the overall experience was still satisfying. We are glad that the Naturalists are safety and conservation minded. Check out our Galapagos - Española photo album for more pictures of this activity.

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