Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Galapagos - Santiago (Day 8 Morning)

Day 8 (Friday, September 5th). Our day began as usual with breakfast in Darwin's Restaurant. The morning excursions began at 8 AM with a Wet landing at James Bay on Santiago Island. This was the high intensity activity. The medium intensity activity consisted of a short Zodiac ride and wet landing at James Bay.

Santiago Island is the fourth largest island found in the Archipelago. In the 1930s a group of people attempted to colonize this island. "The Enchanted Islands" was a book published in 1947 detailing their experiences on the island.

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Both the high and low activities returned to the landing beach for swimming and snorkeling. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling well and decided to stay onboard the Xpedition. My husband went and had a marvelous time both on the Zodiac and snorkeling.

He joined another couple so that he didn't snorkel alone. It is always best to be with at least one other swimmer while in the water. The fish and other marine life were plentiful along the reef which was an easy swim from the beach.

The highlight for him was the sea turtle that swam right up to him while he was snorkeling. He got pictures of the sea turtle approaching and swimming away from him. At one point he also heard a bull (sea lion) nearby but by the time he turned, it was gone. Apparently he had gotten close enough to the sea lion and it let him know.

If you haven't snorkeled before don't worry. The various snorkeling activities that take place from the beaches are not hard. If you get tired, you can easily get back to an area where you can stand up and rest. I would stay away from the advanced snorkeling if you are a beginner. We have snorkeled quite a lot over the year, but I still consider myself to be a novice and was quite comfortable with the various snorkeling activities we did in the Galapagos.

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