Sunday, October 19, 2008

Celebrity Xpedition - Day 2 - El Crater

After visiting Quito's historic Old Town, we boarded the motor coaches for a ride to El Crater Restaurant. This restaurant is built inside a volcanic crater and offers 360 degree views of the crater Pululahua.

The Pululahua Geo-botanical Reserve is located 30 minutes North from Quito near the Mitad del Mundo Monument. Pululahua means "smoke of water" in the indigenous language Quichua. The Pululahua is an inactive volcano which its last eruption was believed it happened around the year 500 B.C.

Fog was starting to roll in when we arrived at the restaruant so our guide suggested that we take our pictures of the crater before going inside for lunch. We took his advice and took several pictures which you can see in our Quito - El Crater Restaruant photo album.

Our menu included choice of beverage including local beer or a blackberry smoothy made from locally grown fruit. The entree choices were chicken and beef along with potatoes and vegetables. We enjoyed our meal while viewing the crater from the restaurant's windows.

Following lunch, we once again boarded our motor coaches for a short ride to the Equatorial Line Monument. I'll talk more about our visit there in my next post. Our day in Quito was quite lovely so far with Celebrity Xpeditions staff providing a very organized tour.

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