Friday, January 9, 2009

Galapagos - Santa Cruz (Day 8 Afternoon)

Back onboard after our morning excursion, we had lunch which consisted of a Mexican buffet. Following lunch there was a video presentation about the Galapagos Islands in Discovery Lounge.

The afternoon activity that we chose was the zodiac ride to Dragon Hill where a wet landing was made. We landed on a small beach which offered access to two different snorkeling spots. I stayed on the beach and took pictures while my husband got into his wet suit for the last time and did some snorkeling.

The water was warm near the beach but as you made your way futher out towards sea, the temperature dropped considerably. This is due to the various currents that run through the Galapagos Islands.

The water was also pretty murky. My husband did manage to see a stingray, a white-tipped shark, and some other fish. The visibility wasn't the best, so he didn't stay in the water very long.

We all boarded the Zodiac for the return to the ship. Since this was the final snorkeling activity for the week, once we got back on deck, we took out our personal belongings from the bag and turned in our gear. It had served us well during the week.

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