Thursday, September 16, 2010

Three Hurricanes in Atlantic Basin

Port of Bermuda Closed:  September 17-21 

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Atlantic Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook

We are monitoring three active tropical storms at the moment:

Hurricane Igor, Hurricane Julia & Hurricane Karl

Click the following links for latest updates on the respective hurricanes 

Tropical Storm Julia Forms in Atlantic

Igor Expected to Become a Hurricane 

Tropical Storm Karl Heading Toward Yucatan

In Early August, we reported that NOAA had continued their prediction of an Active / Above Normal Hurricane Season for the Atlantic Basin.    With three active hurricanes in the region at the present time, it appears their prediction is definitely accurate.

NOAA Still Predicting Active Atlantic Hurricane Season (click for story)

Impact On Cruise Ships

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All cruise lines are monitoring these storms and adjusting schedules as needed.  Despite the strength of Igor and Julia, there have been minimal changes to date however, with sites set on Bermuda for this weekend, this is most likely about to change.

  Cruise Line Advisories

Port of Bermuda Closed:  September 17-21 

 Cruise Line Advisories (Click Here)

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