Friday, May 28, 2010

Hurricane Preparedness for Cruisers

What happens if there's a hurricane predicted at the time of my cruise?

Cruise lines try to avoid operating any ship in the vicinity of a tropical system and they monitor the progress of these storms very closely. If there is potential threat to any of their guests or ships, the itinerary may be altered to try to avoid any interaction with the storm or any affected areas.

Cruise lines will notify Travel Agencies and the public about any itinerary changes.  We will post updates on tropical storms in blog posts.   RSS links to NOAA advisories are also included in the left navigation pane.

As we saw during the Swine Flu outbreak, Health and Safety is the prime concern for each cruise line. As always, my recommendation is for you to purchase travel insurance, so that you may obtain the necessary assistance should the need arise.

See where ships are relative to tropical storms
Interactive tracking map (real-time ship tracking)

  • Monitor hurricane warnings before cruise
  • Activate cell phone international roaming if necessary
  • Make sure cruise line and travel agent have current contact information
  • Make sure airline has current contact information
  • Setup flight notifications with airline if possible
  • Share your itinerary with family and friends
  • Review your travel insurance policy for potential coverages
  • Call travel insurance provider to answer any questions about coverage
  • Provide emergency contact information to cruise line, travel agent, and airline
  • Keep passport, credit card, and necessary medication with you while in port
  • If you have a balcony cabin, put all personal articles away
  • Follow instructions given by ship's personnel
Enjoy your cruise vacation - rest assured that the cruise line will do everything to make your cruise enjoyable and safe.

It may be necessary for the cruise line to deviate from original published itinerary - this is their right under the contract rules. You want them to do this so that you are safe. Don't be upset if port changes are made - just make the best of your cruise vacation. I always say that any day on a cruise is better than a day at home

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