Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Art of Disney at Sea

Sharing the Magic 
Through Art

Walt Disney was born in Chicago, my hometown, in 1901. He studied art and photography while attending McKinley High School.  After moving to Missouri, he began drawing and selling pictures to friends, family, and neighbors.

It All Started 
With a Mouse

Mickey Mouse first appeared in Steamboat Willie (1928) and the rest is history.  Mickey has stood the test of time, and has been welcomed into the hearts and minds of many generations.  Through animation, Mickey and his fellow cast of characters, have come alive on film, and have been captured in many different artistic media since those early beginnings.

#FriFotos Theme - #ART

This week, Friday's photographic topic for the popular Twitter forum, #FriFotos, is #ART.  Participants share their personal photographs that express the announced theme.   As usual, the theme has broad interpretation, making for a very enjoyable day viewing each others entries.

Art At Sea

We kick off our entries with photographs of #ART which were taken onboard Disney Cruise Line's Disney Dream.  While this is a literal interpretation of the theme, we think you'll enjoy the various variations that can be seen onboard the ship.  Some of the artworks are permanent fixtures, while others are part of the Disney Art Collection which can be purchased.  Disney Dream - Art (album)

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