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Carnival Triumph Truth or Dare

Were You There?

For about a week, we have been hearing the media's interpretation of what it was like onboard Carnival Triumph in the aftermath of the engine fire.   This post will bring you stories from people who were there.

In typical fashion, two people on the same cruise, even at the same dining table, could have a different opinion, so you'll just have to make your own judgement calls.

We have been scouring Facebook and other sources for information from people who were actually there.  Here is the start of the story.

If you have pictures, videos, or stories to share, please contact us privately.

From Triumph to Tragedy

Perhaps this video will best depict what it was like, since a picture is worth more than a 1000 words as they say.  Thank you to Lance Winder for making this video and sharing it with the world.

This 6 minute documentary highlights the Carnival Triumph before, during, and after the disaster. From the engine fire at 5:15 AM to 4 days adrift, this short 6 minute film highlights the events of those days. Special thanks to Nine Inch Nails for releasing Ghosts under Creative Commons to enhance the texture.

From An Agent Escorting a Group 
Hello - My wonderful Facebook friends. thank you so much for the thoughtful prayers and kind words. I love you and I am so truly grateful for all of your love and support. Actually.... this event is not as "horrific" as the media is reporting. I led a group of 110 people on the carnival Triumph.. We had an abundance of food - so much - that food was being thrown away. we had grilled shrimp, steak , fresh fruit, vegetables Yes - we had long lines... but people got in line before the meal was served and waited 2 hours before it opened and 30 minutes as it was being served . I always got in line towards the end and never waited - and still was served a full wonderful hot meal. - my choice.... There was never a shortage of water. We had Juice, water and soda available to us at all times - no lines. We had coffee, tea, and hot chocolate everyday , except on Sunday - when the engines caught on fire.

(Editor Note) They went on to say that they had been texting with a news reporter while on the ship and as soon as they said it wasn't as bad as was being reported, the conversation was terminated. We'll let you draw your own conclusions.

Carnival Past Guest Perspective

This is in reply to recent very negative comments about the crew members by one of our local TV stations from one of my clients.

While I am devastated at the news of the Triumph cruise ship and all of its problems, I am more concerned about the 1,100 crew members aboard the crippled ship.  Nearly 100% of the crew is of international descent, and they won't be getting off of the boat in Mobile to  take a bus ride or airplane flight anywhere that is home.  Their home is aboard the ship -for a solid 6 months.  They will be the ones left aboard the ship to clean up all of the mess after the passengers debark.

For New Year's Eve, I took a cruise aboard the Triumph to Progresso and Cozumel. I was with 5 friends, and had never been on a cruise before this one.  I cannot say enough about the kindness and efficiency of the crew members, everywhere we went aboard the ship.  On the last morning, our party took a "Behind the scenes" tour of the parts of the ship the general public does not see.  We met everyone from the Captain to the head Chef, to the laundry room workers.  Every single crew member was working as hard as they could as expediently as they could, and all the while showing nothing but utmost kindness and hospitality to those of us who were on "vacation."  

I know first hand that the crew's quarters are much smaller and less ventilated than any of the passenger rooms, yet they are having to endure the same stench and sewage problems that the passengers are.  They may not be staying in a clean hotel in Mobile tonight; most of those rooms were given to passengers.  The food problems were resolved; no one went hungry.  The lines are long for the deliciously prepared foods when the cruise is perfect, so having a long line for short supplies of food should be expected.

I hope that those who have dragged their pillows and mattresses to the decks, or their balcony, realize that those will have to be completely replaced., along with whatever linens have been ruined The upset passengers are trashing the entire boat; instead,  they should be a little more understanding of the dire straits that everyone is in.  Those poor crewmen are having to tend to all of the passengers, many times ignoring their own inconveniences, illness and pain.

My heart goes out to everyone aboard the Triumph, and I am thankful that there were no serious injuries.  If I were a passenger today, I would be very grateful that the Carnival parent company refunded the entire cost of my cruise, especially since I was less than 12 hours from the end of it.  I would be eternally gratefull that they expunged my "Ship & Sail" card and that I received an additional cruise voucher.  I am sure there are plenty of other gestures as well that the company is doing to help the stranded passengers. Again, though, I am more worried about the condition of the crew and staff.  The next several cruises aboard the Triumph have been cancelled, and they are out of a job.  No job means no income.  I hope that you will turn a 'victim/passenger' story into an empathetic compassionate outreach for those crew members.

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