Thursday, February 14, 2013

Carnival Triumph Arrives in Mobile

By Mike Brantley |
Carnival Triumph Arrives in Mobile:

Gerry Cahill, Carnival CEO said:

First, I'd like to start with saying how very thankful we all are that the ship is alongside and everyone is safe. I am so appreciative of the efforts of everyone involved in bringing the Carnival Triumph safely to the Port of Mobile.

I want to thank the United States Coast Guard, The Port and City of Mobile, Customs and Border Protection, and the countless other parties who have been incredibly helpful throughout.

I’d also like to thank our shoreside teams for working around the clock to make this happen. And finally, I want to thank our crew for all they have done. We have seen and heard so many reports, online and in the media, from passengers praising the crew’s hard work.

I am now going onboard to talk with our guests and crew, as well as to help with getting our guests off the ship and on their way home. Thank you.

Passengers Disembark Ship

It took several hours for the passengers to disembark the crippled Carnival Triumph when it finally docked in Mobile, AL. The horrific five days at sea were now over. As expected passengers were emotional, some kissing the ground as they got off the ship. There were about 100 buses lined up ready to take the passengers to New Orleans or Houston. Some passengers had people meet them and they stayed in Mobile rather than take a long journey on a bus.

For the passengers, the ordeal is over, but for the crew, the nightmare continues as they will now have the task of cleaning up the trashed ship. They won't be seeing their families or taking hot showers. Carnival hasn't mentioned if they'd get an extra $500 in their paychecks for the long hours they've put in enduring the same or worse conditions as the passengers. Our hats are off to the crew for a job well done doing their best to take care of the passengers during this extraordinary cruise.

 Click Here for Photos of the Stranded Ship at Sea

Carnival Triumph Arrives By Mike Brantley |

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