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Compensation Guidelines Costa Concordia

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Costa Concordia Listing after Deadly Accident

UPDATE: 15 Feb. 2012

Deadline extended to March 31st

Costa Concordia Legal Update (this will contain updates on legal proceedings)

Passengers that were booked on Costa Concordia had until February 7th to determine what alternative arrangement they wished.   Costa neoRomantica and Costa Magica will offer Western Mediterranean itineraries, so travelers can sail as planned, but on a different ship.

UPDATE:  27 Jan. 2012

In addition to the compensation for cancelling cruises, Costa Cruises has also now released details about Compensation for Survivors of Costa Concordia's Accident (Uninjured Passengers)

The Associated Press today is reporting that Costa Cruises is offering survivors of the Costa Concordia accident 11,000 Euro (about $14,500) per person as compensation for their lost baggage as well as the psychological trauma they suffered during the event. This amount is in addition to reimbursing passengers for the full amount they paid for the cruise, their travel expenses and any medical expenses sustained after the accident.

Costa made this announcement after negotiations between Costa representatives and Italian Consumer groups.  It does not apply to passengers that were injured or killed, who presumably will be offered more.

Roberto Corbella, who represented Costa in the negotiations, told The Associated Press the deal offered Friday provides passengers with quick, "generous," and certain restitution.

"The big advantage that they have is an immediate response, no legal expenses, and they can put this whole thing behind them."
AP also reports that Codacons, one of Italy's best known consumer groups, has engaged two U.S. law firms to launch a class-action lawsuit against Costa and its parent company, Carnival Corporation & PLC, on behalf of passengers, claiming that it expects to get anywhere from $164,000 to $1.3 million per person, the Associated Press says.


As recovery efforts are ongoing for Costa Concordia following the tragic accident Friday 13 January, future sailings on that vessel are cancelled for the near-term.    It is unknown whether the ship will ever return to service.  At present, the hope is that the fuel can be removed and prevent any environmental impact before bad weather approaches later this week. 

Costa has released compensation guidelines for passengers scheduled to sail on Concordia this week through February 25th.

For passengers scheduled on the January 14 departure from Savona, Italy, Costa worked with guests and their airlines to return home. Airline changes will be paid by Costa. A full refund of the cruise amount plus a 30 percent future cruise credit on the amount paid will be provided.

If guests choose to rebook on available sailings in January through March on Luminosa, Mediterranea, Favolosa, Serena or Voyager, Costa will pay for their air fare if booked through Costa’s air/sea department. Rebookings must be made by January 18.

Guests who choose to cancel their cruise on departures from January 15 through January 20 will get a full refund of cruise fare plus a 30 percent future cruise credit on the amount paid. No compensation for air will be provided if they are cruise-only passengers. For passengers who choose to rebook in January, February or March according to availability on Luminosa, Mediterranea, Favolosa, Serena or Voyager, Costa will assist the guest and airline on change fees.

Guests who choose to cancel sailings departing from January 21 through February 25 will get a full refund plus a 30 percent future cruise credit on the amount paid. No compensation for air will be provided for cruise-only guests. Those who rebook can choose any seven-day cruise between now and June at the same price. Costa will assist the guest and work with the airline on change fees for their new cruise on Costa. For assistance or more information, call 800-462-6782.

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