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Historic Falmouth Trolley Tour


Trolley Tour

We visited Historic Falmouth, Jamaica in October, just a little over six months since the new cruise port officially opened for business. As you may recall, Royal Caribbean invested in the cruise port in collaboration with the Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ). Together they constructed the all-inclusive resort town on the pier featuring contemporary shops, parks and landscaping, restaurants and bars.  

Allure of the Seas docks just outside the gates of this newly constructed resort town. Board a trolley for a tour of the historic town of Falmouth. 

Purchase your ticket from the agent and sit back and relax for a guided tour through the cruise port and on to the old town itself.

St. Peter the Apostle Anglican Church of Falmouth

The highlight of the tour is the stop at St. Peter the Apostle Anglican Church, which was built in the late 18th century. Here you'll have the chance to visit the interior of the church and see the old pipe organ, altar, and wooden pews which have been preserved in their original state (only a few have been replaced).

Inside you'll also see the Eastern stained glass window, flanked by the Ten Commandments, Lord’s Prayer and Apostles’ Creed. The church is simple, but yet very moving.

Back on the trolley we drove past the local school where the children were outside playing. They ran to the fence waving and smiling, very happy to see us. They should be because Royal Caribbean has breathed new life into the old town by investing in the cruise port. Very little development had occurred in the town over the last 100+ years, but that has all changed. The Historic Falmouth Cruise Port is serving as a catalyst for the town's rehabilitation and beautification as well as raising awareness of the importance of documenting and preserving Falmouth's history for future generations.

It's not just the local children that are happy to see us.  A common scene in the cruise port is as depicted in this picture.  A local Jamaican man sits at his stand making a wood carving.   He is very happy to personalize any of his carvings for you so that you can take a true souvenir back home from your cruise.

All the people were very friendly.  This was a different Jamaican experience than we had in Ocho Rios or Montego Bay.   For those that have been to Jamaica before, this port can be a refreshing change, as you stroll through the cruise port shopping or perhaps exploring the town a little further, as we did on the trolley.

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Historic Falmouth Trolley Tour
St. Peter the Apostle Church
Allure in Falmouth Jamaica

We hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of Falmouth via our photo albums.  Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas are among the ships calling at this new port of call.  Maybe you'll get to visit this new port on one of your next cruises.

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