Friday, January 7, 2011

Northeast Braces for Another Snowy Weekend

National Weather Forecast Courtesy NOAA (click for more details)

Northeast Regional Snow Potential (NOAA)

NWS and other weather forecasters are predicting another major snow storm for the Northeastern part of the United States starting today.

 Major airlines have issued waivers for change fees in the affected areas.   Expect flight delays as the snow has already begun falling in parts of the region.

It appears that for the most part the snow will be light, but some areas are expected to get the brunt of the storm resulting in heavier accumulations.  There is an element of uncertainty due to the current conditions, so this is one storm that needs to be monitored closely for up-to-the-minute changes.

At press time we are not aware of any cruise line changes related to the storm but obviously anyone traveling in the region could be subject to delays.   We always recommend leaving early and always travel with trip insurance, especially during the winter months or hurricane season.

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