Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Three Cyclones in Northwestern Pacific

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NASA's Terra satellite flew over the Northwestern Pacific Ocean at 02:30 UTC on August 31 (10:30 p.m. EDT Aug. 30) and captured Tropical Storm Lionrock (lower left), Tropical Storm Namtheun (center), and Typhoon Kompasu (top right) off the Asian coast.
Credit: NASA/MODIS Rapid Response Team 

Tropical Storm Lionrock
Tropical Storm Namtheun
Typhoon Kompasu 

The Atlantic doesn't have an exclusive on tropical activity at this time.   NASA's Terra satellite captured this amazing image of three tropical cyclones at the same time in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean.

NASA's Terra Satellite Captures Three Tropical Cyclones in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean

Severe Tropical Storm LIONROCK
Graphic Courtesy Hong Kong Observatory

Forecast Intensities

02 Sep Severe Tropical Storm   105 km/h

03 Sep Tropical Storm                 75 km/h

04 Sep Tropical Depression        55 km/h


Bulletin updated at 11:45 HKT 01/Sep/2010 

At noon, Severe Tropical Storm Lionrock  was centred about 90 kilometres west of Gaoxiong. It is forecast to move north at about 10 kilometres per hour across the Taiwan Strait. Meanwhile, Typhoon Kompasu  was centred about 310 kilometres east of Shanghai. It is forecast to move north at about 30 kilometres per hour across the East China Sea. 

Latest weather bulletin issued by the Hong Kong Observatory: click here

Three tropical storms affecting southeast China

Source: China Meteorological News Press      (Click Here for Charts & Forecast)

Typhoon KOMPASU Forecast Track (Joint Typhoon Warning Center)

Live Cruise Ship and Ocean Liner Tracking: Interactive tracking map   See where ships are relative to tropical storms.

Typhoon Tracking - Useful Links
Typhoon 08W (Kompasu)
TC Warning Text     TC Warning Graphic

Tropical Storm 07W (Lionrock)  
Tropical Depression 09W (Namtheun)  Final Warning

Example: 301500Z = 11:00 AM EDT on the 30th

Tropical storms pose a threat to land and sea. Cruise ships closely monitor the progress of storms and take the necessary actions to remain safe. Safety of passengers and crew are the number one priority for each cruise line.

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