Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weather Advisory Port of Baltimore

Photo Courtesy Carnival Cruise Line


Weather Forecast:

Baltimore - SNOWY

Bahamas - SUNNY

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As the Nation's Capital and surrounding areas endures another blast of winter weather, passengers scheduled to leave on Sunday's departure of Carnival Pride's 7-Night Caribbean, Baltimore R/T anxiously watch the weather and wonder if they will be able to get to the Port of Baltimore in time for their cruise. Forecasts show total accumulation of up to 2 feet of snow in some areas. Snow is expected to taper off in the evening which should allow time for snow removal.


The Maryland Port Authority reminds passengers to allow extra time for travel from their homes due to the upcoming snow event. This is not the first snow storm MPA has faced, so they have a plan in place. (Press Release)

“We strongly encourage our cruise passengers to exercise good judgment and use common sense when coming to the Cruise Maryland terminal on Sunday,” said Maryland Port Administration (MPA) Executive Director James J. White. “Comparable to our December snowstorm, MPA personnel will work around the clock this weekend to make sure our parking lots, walkways and pier are cleared of snow and are safe for the public.”

The Port Administration successfully combated a similar storm last December. The snow operations plan that worked last time will once again be implemented for this storm. The plan included round-the-clock snow removal by crews working in 12-hour shifts using heavy-duty equipment to move snow.


NWS - Local Weather

NWS - Baltimore, MD

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Airport Delays

Port of Baltimore 

Saturday, February 6 at 10:00 AM -- A significant winter weather event is impacting the Baltimore-Washington region on Saturday. Airlines have cancelled all flights, and indicate most Saturday service will be cancelled. Travelers are advised to check with their airlines for information regarding flight delays or cancellations.

Sunday, February 7 at 11:30 AM --
Snow removal operations continue at BWI Marshall Airport. Airline cancellations continue, and BWI Marshall expects limited, if any, commercial flight activity on Sunday. Travelers are advised to check with their airlines for information on flight delays or cancellations. Passengers are encouraged to rebook travel by telephone or airline website, rather than coming to Airport.

Monday, February 8 at 6:00 PM --Both of BWI Marshall Airport's main runways are now open for flight operations. Airlines are gradually returning to near-normal schedules. Travelers are advised to check with their airlines to confirm flight status BEFORE heading to Airport. Passengers are encouraged to rebook travel by telephone or airline website, rather than coming to the Airport. Those customers travelling from BWI Marshall this week should consider parking under cover in one of the Airport's garages. Light rail information is available here.

Carnival Cruise Line has not altered the February 7, 2010, itinerary as of this posting. Should it be necessary for Carnival to alter the itinerary, an advisory would be posted to the following link: Carnival Travel Advisory

Winter storms like this are perfect examples of why to take Travel Protection Insurance. For example: Trip Delay / Missed Connection coverage would potentially cover any additional expenses necessary to join your cruise in progress if you aren't able to get to the departure point on time. There are several other unexpected situations that can occur after final payment. Protect your vacation investment and travel without worries.

No matter what policy you chose, make sure you understand the limitations and coverages so you are not surprised after the fact. It is for this reason that I advise my customers to utilize the insurance company's help desk to get your detailed questions answered.

Safe Travels to all Departing on Carnival Pride - Enjoy Your Cruise

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