Thursday, March 5, 2009

Celebrity Solstice - Quasar

The designers of Celebrity Solstice used color, lighting, and unique decor very effectively to create a modern resort atmosphere .

Quasar perhaps tops the list of unique venues onboard the Solstice. It is a vibrant nightclub designed for those ready to kick back and get down. Upon entering the lounge you might think that you have taken a wrong turn and ended up on some Hollywood space age set. The globe shaped control center, the lighting, and the half-globe chairs hanging from the ceiling all contribute to this feeling coming over you.

Away from the central area is the VIP area where you can escape to a more private setting without leaving the ambience. The lighting and the seating are unlike anything you've seen on other ships in the Celebrity fleet.

Quasar is definitely the place to be for dancing the night away, but it also serves as a fun location during the day. During our cruise, I played a few games of Wii one afternoon. The activities staff was onhand to coordinate the games and provide instruction if necessary.

For groups, Quasar is just one of the locations that can be used for your private party. We were originally scheduled to have a party in Cellar Masters, but we relocated to Quasar for a fun-filled evening of socializing.

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