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La Recoleta Cemetery

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Buenos Aires
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Until 1822, Buenos Aires residents who passed away were buried on church grounds. After a while, this practice became problematic for reasons of space and hygiene. Eventually, in November of that year, Governor Martin Rodriguez banned the traditional practice, and instituted the city’s first official cemetery on the grounds of a monastery. The cemetery fell into disrepair and was completely renovated in 1881. The name was changed to its present one, Cementerio de la Recoleta (Recoleta Cemetery) in 1949.

When Argentina’s wealthy and powerful rest for eternity, they do it in style. La Recoleta cemetery is one of the world’s most extraordinary graveyards, with over 6,400 grandiose mausoleums resembling Gothic chapels, Greek temples, fairytale grottoes and elegant little houses. The exclusive cemetery is the last stop for the country’s most celebrated (and controversial) presidents, intellectuals, army generals and entertainers, and a
popular attraction for visitors to Buenos Aires. This cemetery is perhaps BA's top attraction.

Eva Perón (1919 – 1952) 

No one goes to Recoleta cemetery without a visit to Evita’s grave. By Recoleta standards, however, it is quite nondescript. Three years after former First Lady Perón died of cancer in 1952, her body was removed by the Argentine military in the wake of a coup that deposed her husband, President Juan Perón. The body then went on a transatlantic odyssey for nearly twenty years before finally being returned to the Duarte family mausoleum in Recoleta Cemetery. She now lies in a crypt five meters underground, heavily fortified to ensure that no one can disturb the remains of Argentina’s most beloved and controversial First Lady.

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