Thursday, February 9, 2017

Oh Happy Days

Pleasant Surprise

Prior to the mandatory drill, we had met our cabin steward, Jonathan.  He asked us if we needed anything.  We explained that one of our bags of luggage was missing when we arrived at the airport and that LATAM Airlines was attempting to locate it and deliver it to the ship.  We might not get it until the first port of call at Puerto Montt.

We told him we'd already reported it to Guest Services.  He said he'd be on the lookout for the bag.  He also said he'd bring us our robes and slippers.  A few minutes later he knocked on the door with those items for us.

After dinner we went back to our cabin and once again ran into Jonathan.  He said our bags were inside the cabin.  At first we didn't understand him and we said we didn't know since we hadn't looked yet.  He said "no, they are all inside, I put them there".  We were relieved to hear that because had they not gotten from the airport to the ship via truck, we would have had no change of clothes at all despite the fact that we had packed clothes in our carry-on bags.

We opened the door an they were ALL there indeed - even the one that had been lost. 

Travel Insurance
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Perhaps this is a good time to remind our readers that we highly suggest travel insurance when you cruise or take any vacation for that matter.  We do so as well of course.  We potentially had one or more claims possible here depending on the outcome.  Had our bag not been there after dinner, we could have gone on a shopping spree onboard to get essential items that we were missing to tide us over until our bag would show up (baggage delay claim).   If the bag never showed up, we'd have a claim for the bag and contents (lost luggage).

Both the cruise line and the airline were also accommodating - the airline would allow us to spend $50 a day and be reimbursed.  We hadn't contacted the travel insurance company yet since we were hoping the bag would show up before we sailed.

When writing this post the seas were pretty choppy - an accident waiting for a place to happen as well.  There are so many unforeseen possibilities when you travel - don't gamble with your vacation - please travel insured.


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