Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Beagle Channel Wildlife Cruise

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Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego)

On Day 7 we followed in the wake of Charles Darwin, the English naturalist, who sailed on a five-year voyage around the tip of South America.

Beagle Channel was named after the HMS Beagle, the ship that carried him on that voyage.

He wrote the famous book On the Origin of Species which explained his revolutionary theory of natural selection and evolution.

The ship docked in Ushuaia, but we still gathered in the Wheelhouse Bar to check in to get stickers for our tour.  When our group was called we were escorted to the gangway.

Once dock side we met the tour guides who escorted us to one of the two awaiting catamarans.  We passed some shops along the way and figured we'd check them out on our return.

Scenic Highlights

We cruised past Mount Olivia and Mount Escapardo, two of the surrounding snow-capped peaks.  The captain of the catamaran got us very close to several stopping points during the cruise.
The first stop was at a small island for picture postcard images of the towering "Les Eclaireus" Lighthouse.  The South American sea lions were camped out on this island.  They were quite entertaining during our brief stop.

There are several species of Cormorants including Imperial and Blue-Eyed that live in rookeries along the channel.  Our catamaran approached several small islands for a close-up look the birds in their natural surroundings.


There were plenty of outdoor and indoor seats to accommodate everyone's preference.  When we approached one of the stops the captain would circle so that no matter where you were seated you'd have the chance to view the birds or other wildlife.

Dress in layers for this excursion because the weather changed during the trip.  At times it was quite sunny and warm and other times it was cloudy, chilly and windy.  You won't go wrong if you have a hooded sweatshirt as one of your layers.

We highly recommend this excursion which you will must likely need to book through the cruise line (as they will book up all the available times).

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