Saturday, November 19, 2016

3 Edible Wonders of Norwegian Fjords

On day 2 we explored the Norwegian Fjords from Alesund to Molde.  Here people live on small farms clinging to the hillside.  Today's dinner menu is a celebration of the edible wonders of the fjords, the fish, the lamb, and the apples from the northernmost commercial apple production in the world.  It is often described as he "Champagne of Apples".

Wonders of Fjords

Bacalao is the Spanish term for codfish but has come to mean the salted and dried cod that is wildly popular on the Iberian Peninsula. The area around Alesund has been a major expoter since the early 17th century but it is only the last century the fish has been prepared and eaten in Norwegian homes, and then often with Spanish or Portuguese inspired recipes.

The main course was Leg of Lamb from Hellesylt, a town near the picturesque Geirangerfjord, with baked vegetables and parsnip puree.

Dessert was "Veiled Farm Girls" which is baked apples served with ice cream.
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Norway's Coastal Kitchen
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