Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Vesteralen Cabin 515

Hurtigruten Vesteralen
Knowing that we would be exploring Norway most of the time and not in our cabin, we opted for an inside berth. Accommodations are pretty basic on Hurtigruten Vesteralen, but quite adequate.

There are two single beds in the cabin. Unlike other cruise ships, you don't have the option of putting them together to make a larger bed. In fact the one bed folds up and the other can be converted into a sofa when not functioning as a bed. We left the beds down the entire time.

Storage Space

There was sufficient storage space for our two week voyage, but it took some creativity to figure out the best use of the space.    Our luggage consisted of one standard suitcase and several smaller bags which could fold up for storage.  The large suitcase we stored under our bed.  We stored our dirty clothes in there.   Several of the bags were stored on one side of the closet.  They fit just under the hanging clothes.

Hint:  If you don't want to have your larger suitcases in your room, they will store them for the duration of the voyage in lockers on the third deck near the reception area.  

The other side of the closet also had space for hanging clothes as well as a few shelves on the bottom which worked out well for shoes and some other small items.   Larger bulky items, such as sweat shirts were stored on the upper shelves in the closet.

The only issue we had with the closets was that it was a bit tight when you opened the doors which were hinged in a way that the left side could open at a 90 degree angle to the closet.

Just inside the door is a storage unit with four drawers.  We used the first drawer for various supplies that we wanted to get at and the remaining drawers for underwear, sox, and t-shirts.  There was plenty of room for the 12 night voyage.

The bathroom is nothing fancy, but once again quite adequate for the voyage.  The mirrored cabinet above the sink has plenty of shelf space for your toiletries. There is an old-fashioned hair-dryer built into the wall.

The shower has a built-in soap / shampoo dispenser.  The shower has a two in one shower head.  Click on the images to get a closer look.

Announcements Announcements ....
Between the beds is a small table and chairs. We would connect our devices for charging overnight and when done, place the cords and our sleepwear on the chair so that it was out of the way.

Most importantly, there is a switch on the wall by the bed that controls whether or not you hear announcements for Northern Lights in your cabin. We had it turned on, and were glad we did since we were treated to a fabulous light show at 1 AM one evening.
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