Tuesday, February 2, 2016

How to Solve Mystery Photos

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Have you ever been on vacation, seen an interesting building, and decided to take a photo, only to look at it later and wonder ....

What Is This Building?

It's possible that at the time the photo was taken, you might even have known what it was (thanks to your tour guide for example).

But now that you are back home, processing your pictures, you just don't have a clue.

Do you like solving puzzles?

If so, you may become obsessed with finding the answer to what you are looking at.  You'll need to do some searching to find the answer.  Are you ready to give it a try?   We figured this one out - can you?

Start With What You Know

If you are like us, you've put your trip photos into albums by day and / or location.   So you already know where you were when you took this photo.    

Location:  We were in Cologne, Germany the day this photo was taken

Still no help? Look closer at the other photos in the album.  In particular, look at those immediately before and after this image.  In this case there was another mystery building before and a second view of the mystery photo after it.
Not much help, so back to the drawing board.

Any Hints in Photos?  

The photo was taken just before 1 PM so that means we were at lunch and about to sail from Cologne on the Rhine River.  There appears to be writing on the building and a Globus bus in the parking lot.  

Enlarging the photo in an editor, we can make out some letters which appear to end in "astei". Taking a closer look the first letter appears to be "B".  We won't give you the answer just yet in case you want to solve this on your own.   

Solve This Puzzle - Get an OBC on an Avalon River Cruise Booked through Us
Go forth and use Google or your favorite search engine to solve this puzzle and tweet us your answer.  We can tell you it is not a bridge (in case that is one of your possible answers).   

Tweet your answer to us by Feb 5th for a chance at the OBC onboard any 2016 or 2017 Avalon Waterways river cruise.   (you can contact us via email if you don't use Twitter)

Additional photos can be found on our Rhine & Moselle Shutterfly page:

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