Friday, June 12, 2015

#FriFotos Takes to the Roads - Tallinn

#FriFotos Theme: #ROADS

During our Baltic Cruise onboard Celebrity Constellation, we visited many port cities and toured them on our own.  Many of them involved getting around via Hop-on-Hop-off-Bus.   This is a cost effective method to get around town and tour on your own schedule.   Most of the tours start and end close by to the cruise terminal.

First in a Series of Posts

We are sharing many of our images captured during our travels around the globe.   Some of the #Roads we are sharing are close by while others are "across the pond".   For this series of articles, we'll focus on destinations in the Baltic region.

For those that don't know:  #FriFotos is a weekly photo forum by . Theme is revealed every Tuesday 12pm ET.    Recently, @spencerspellman joined the team as a permanent co-host.  We even had the chance to co-host one week late last year.

 On the Road - Tallinn

Tallinn is the largest city and capital of Estonia.  This northern coastal town was one of the highlights of our Baltic Cruise.  It is located south of Helsinki, east of Stockholm and west of Saint Petersburg, all of which were also included in our list of ports.

The first image above was taken through the front window of the tour bus we were one.  This is the modern section of Tallinn.  The picture above is a poor section of town that is pretty run down.

Toompea (Cathedral Hill) is in the central part of the city.  It is part of the Tallinn Old Town UNESCO World Heritage Site.

 City of Contrasts

When you focus on #Roads and their surroundings, you can't help but be struck by the contrasts of old and new architecture.  The limestone road leading up to Toompea contrasts with this modern road on the left with buses, cars, and electric cars which are part of the transportation system in use. 

Plan on spending a leisurely day exploring this capital city.  We'd suggest starting your visit with the Old Town and ultimately returning  to your ship after visiting the modern parts of the city.

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