Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Save the Dates National Cruise Vacation Week

October is National Cruise Vacation Month, and October 6-13, 2014 is  National Cruise Vacation Week - the World’s Largest Cruise Sale (NCVW) – an event that focuses on the pleasures of cruising. This is an annual event which has grown from a one day virtual sale ten years ago to a week-long event the past few years.

Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) has organized this event with it's member cruise lines and member agencies. This is your opportunity to learn more about cruising and the individual cruise lines as well as take advantage of several special offers that are valid for either one day or the entire month.

Continue to watch this column for more information about my participation in this annual event. We will have a web page devoted to NCVW which will point you to video links and provide information about the various cruise line offers.  Some of the offers have yet to be announced.  We will update the page with information as we get it.  You can also give us a call for the latest information or just to talk about how to plan your cruise.

There is no need to get dressed up to go to a meeting hall. Simply turn on your computer and participate in a virtual cruise night. You can participate any time during the month of October, but the early bird will get the worm so to speak.

Are you new to cruising?   Start by reading our Cruise Rookies page.  We'll be posting several more articles this month, but if you can't wait, we suggest you next visit our NCVW mini-site.  You can also search our Blog for past articles.

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