Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy FOURth Birthday #FriFotos

Celebrating a Milestone
#FriFotos #FOUR 
Since joining the Twitter community, we have been participating in the weekly   photo forum hosted by . A new theme is revealed every Tuesday 12pm ET.
Today we celebrate #FriFoto's fourth birthday and the theme fittingly is "#FOUR".
Every week in preparation for our participation, we search through our archives for a few images that meet that week's criteria.   Some themes are hard, while others, such as #greatINDOORS, provide a wealth of possibilities.   We actually co-hosted the event that week which was a lot of fun.

Commemorating the Event

There are many ways to interpret a theme, which actually adds to our enjoyment of the photo forum.   It causes us to look through our archives with a different perspective searching for photos that convey the theme.   It is interesting to see how others interpret the theme as well.   We often get ideas for future trips by reviewing others' contributions.  Here are some of our entries for this week:

Dancers bringing balloons to birthday party

You can't have a birthday party without balloons, so we searched through our archives and found this image captured during a cruise on Caribbean Princess.

Let the Party Begin
Need some music for birthday - we invited the Beatles but they were on Allure OTS 

What's a birthday party without some good music?  This group of #FOUR launched the world into a frenzy with their music and the rest is history.  I think they'd be the perfect group to perform at our party.

dancing stars will provide some entertainment for birthday Direct from stage  
These energetic #Four dancing stars are on stage to really get our party going.   Join us on #FriFotos today so that you don't miss all the fun.

Many Well-Wishers On Hand
Congratulations from Captain Zini & Crew

Everyone is invited to the party and look who showed up. Royal Caribbean's Captain of the largest vessel afloat brought along #Four of his crew members to with the #FriFotos team a Happy Fourth Birthday.

If you like Travel & Photography join us each Friday!

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Congratulations to the best Four-Some on Twitter:
Charles Yap, Jonathan Epstein, Stephanie Diehl & You (the contributors who make it worth the effort)

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