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Navigating 5 Types of Signs Onboard Cruise Ship

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For Cruise Rookies:
If you've never been on a cruise, the following information about signs you'll see onboard your ship may come in handy.

For Cruise Veterans:

You may not have even noticed some of these signs the last time you were on a ship.  Perhaps you should pay more attention to the signs  the next time you are on a cruise.

For Every Cruiser:

Please pay attention to the Safety signs - they are there to protect you and make sure everyone enjoys their cruise.

In this article we'll feature signs that we photographed on Carnival Conquest.  You'll find similar signs on the other cruise lines as well.  Knowing about the types of signs onboard will help you make the most of your cruise vacation.

Safety Signs

The sign above is posted on your stateroom door.  It contains the layout of your deck, marks your location, and emergency exits.  It also contains information about what to do in an emergency including how to put on your life jacket.   This is important reading, especially for first-time cruisers.

This next group of signs have important safety and conservation information.  It is everyone's responsibility to help prevent illness by washing their hands.  Everyone on board the ship needs to work together for the comfort and safety of others and to preserve the environment for the future.

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Directional Signs 

Here are just a few examples of signs that help you find your way on the ship.  In this modern age there are now electronic signs that provide current information and directions.  Public rooms have a sign on the door similar to this one (note it even has braille lettering).  Lastly, you'll see signs like the one in the middle that direct you to popular locations on the ship.

Food & Beverage Signs 

These signs come in several types.  The first one lists the hours of operation of a very popular bar on Carnival cruise ships.  The second sign instructs you on how to order your custom-made burrito.  Finally there are signs describing drink packages which can be purchased on your first day on the ship, which could possibly save you money over the length of the cruise (depending on how much you'd normally order).  For more information on drink packages, see our previous article Bottomless Bubbles & Cheers.


Activity Signs 

There is a lot happening on the ship each day.   Cruise lines may also use signage to advertise popular events so that you don't miss them.   Here we learn about some casino special events and shore excursions.



Informational Signs 

The remaining signs we'll put in this category.   Typically they tell about special offers, which may be time limited.  Pictured are a sign explaining discounts in the shops, another one suggesting you capture a special image as a souvenir, and lastly how to earn bonus points on the money spent on your cruise.


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