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Bottomless Bubbles & Cheers

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One of the latest trends added by the cruise lines has been beverage programs which makes cruises on par with all-inclusive resorts.  One big difference between the two is that the cost isn't included in the base pricing. That is beneficial to those that don't want to partake in unlimited bubbly and therefore don't pay the premium.

Carnival Conquest Programs

Continuing our coverage of Embarkation Day aboard Carnival Conquest, let's look at two beverage programs that you might want to consider.   Bottomless Bubbles is a soda package that can be optionally purchased that provides unlimited soda fountain drinks, consisting of several Coca Cola products, throughout your voyage.   It must be purchased on Embarkation Day and it is valid for the entire sailing.

The cost on Carnival Conquest during our recent cruise was $4.00 per day for Children and $6.00 per day for Adults.   You can also purchase a Carnival Tumbler for $4.95.   The total price including tip is added to your card and a sticker is affixed to your Sail & Sign card showing proof of purchase.   You simply show your card to the bartender or server and they'll fill up your tumbler if you have one or bring you a glass of soda of your choosing. 

Normal price for a "Coke" on the ship was $1.95, so for those that like 3 or more sodas a day, you can break even or be ahead very easily.

Tip:  For families that don't want children drinking soda, there are other choices in the buffet such as lemonade, ice tea, and juices.     Hot coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are also available without cost.  


For our Adult guests that wish to partake in the "flavor of the day" drink specials and other alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, and mixed drinks, the Cheers Beverage Program can be purchased for $49.95 per day.  That's a $350+ investment per person on a 7 day cruise.

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Is this program worth it? The answer depends on what you like to drink, and how much. Prices for drinks can range from $4.95 for domestic beer to $7.50 for a frozen invention. Wines could be more depending on the selection. There are restrictions, so be aware that not every drink will be included.
Complete details can be obtained onboard and we encourage you to carefully consider whether it is better to purchase as you go or opt in for this program.

Regardless, please do drink responsibly as we don't want to read about you in the news.

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TIP:  Check on Deck 9 either before or after you welcome aboard lunch for these and other Embarkation Day specials.

We did take advantage of the Bottomless Bubbles program but decided to purchase our alcoholic beverages as desired during the voyage.  This combination worked fine for us.

Next up:  A special dinner that we arranged during the open house.

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