Saturday, May 31, 2014

In Search of Best Cruise Fruit Art

Cruise + Fruit + Creativity
 = #CruiseFruitArt

Welcome aboard - your cabin is being prepared - join us in the buffet for lunch while you wait.

We've just completed our series on Hurricane Preparedness and decided that we should find something a bit lighter to talk about.  So, looking through our photo archives, we stumbled upon this image from our Celebrity Century cruise to the Arctic Circle & North Cape.  Furthermore, we decided that we'd create a new Pinterest board and start pinning more of these Fruit Art images.

Hello Come In - Welcome Aboard

When we entered the buffet, these fruit people greeted us and we definitely felt welcome.  Creations like these are made by some very talented crew members, whose only mission is to make every moment on board the ship enjoyable.  

Special Presentations

Turning back the clock a bit, besides finding fruit art in the welcome aboard buffet, it wasn't unusual for there to be an evening set aside during the cruise to showcase the work of these talented individuals.  This image was captured on Celebrity Zenith, which is no longer part of the Celebrity Cruises fleet.   One evening the late night buffet featured these fruit creations.

Grand buffets are pretty much a thing of the past, but there still are many opportunities to view the handiwork of talented crew members.

Watermelon Art

Some of our favorite fruit art was carved out of watermelons.   This image was captured during our Carnival Conquest cruise which happened to coincide with this year's Superbowl game.  Just look at the intricacy of this design.

We have many more example of watermelon fruit art in our new Pinterest board.

We are doubtful that the ship on the right is sea worthy.   However, it definitely is worthy of inclusion in our Cruise Fruit Art collection.

Help Us Find Cruise Fruit Art

Click here to visit our Pinterest board and see more of these fun fruit sculptures.   Do you have any images that you'd like to contribute?  

Two Ways to Contribute

  • Follow our Pinterest Cruise Fruit Art board (Add your pins by first asking to be a contributor - follow instructions on the board)
  • Follow us on Twitter  @ChrisPappinMCC (Include #CruiseFruitArt  in your Tweeted image)
Which cruise line has the best fruit art? 

We'll start things off with several images from our archives. Include information about the Cruise Line in your pin / tweet so that we can see who has the most creative artists.

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