Saturday, August 17, 2013

Norwegian Plans for Belize

What Does it Cost to Buy 
an Island in Belize?

According to new sources in Belize, a press conference was held this week unveiling details of an agreement between Norwegian Cruise Line and the Belize government to begin development of a new cruise destination in the southern part of the country.

Norwegian Cruise Line is keeping details quiet, perhaps since they have already been shot down once before by the government.   However, the news reports indicate the price for the island is $50M USD.  The new development will be called Harvest Caye and be an eco-friendly endeavor.   The project could be completed in 2015.

Two of the main figures at the press conference were Colin Murphy - VP, Destination & Strategic Development, NCL and Hon. Godwin Hulse - Minister of Labour.  If you watch the following video, you'll hear the minister say “It is not, as some would say, that we are all lying down, ‘licky licky,’ et cetera. We are here to protect the interest of the Belizean people – so that is why we were brought to Government and that is what we are going to do and we are going to do so successfully. No ifs, maybes or buts about it,” Hulse added.

Colin Murphy didn't know what "licky likcy" was but figured he would have known about it if there had been any.  Apparently that is slang for greedy.

Time: 00:30:41 - Start of press coverage of announcement

If the project is approved and actually goes forward, the construction phase could bring 1000+ jobs to the region. NCL is also sweetening the deal by recruiting more of their onboard staff from Belize. Currently there are very few crew members from this country. 


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