Wednesday, August 14, 2013

50 Million Guests Can't Be Wrong


Royal Caribbean International®
Celebrates Major Milestone
50 Million Guests

This year there has been a lot of negative press and attention to the cruise industry.  While the majority of the press was aimed at one particular cruise line, all lines have seen an impact.  The industry is strong and in the long run, this will only be a small blip on the radar.  In fact, Royal Caribbean International has just welcomed their 50 millionth guest onboard their ships.

We live in what seems like "tragic times".   Every night on the news there are more stories with sad news about death, injury, and disasters, than there are uplifting stories with happy endings.  Through  the marvels of technology, we are connected in ways never before imagined and can be "live" on the scene anywhere in the world as news breaks out.

Unfortunately, there are many people that have considered cruising, but were not certain it was right for them.   When prospective first-time cruisers listen to the news and hear only negative "facts", it is understandable that they have doubts, and often decide to stay within their comfort zone.

Here is an Uplifting Story With More Happiness to Come

Royal Caribbean International was founded as Royal Caribbean Cruise Line in 1968.  They currently operate with a fleet of 21 ships, two of which are the largest ships afloat in the entire industry.  There are three more ships being built over the next 3 years.

When you go on vacation, whether it be on a cruise, or to a hotel nearby or far from home, you have some expectations about your experience.    Royal Caribbean strives to deliver the "WOW" to each and every guest each time they sail on one of their ships. 

Royal Caribbean, upon achieving this milestone, has demonstrated that it has delivered on that goal over the years.  Guests who sail on RCI are very loyal.  In fact their Crown & Anchor® Society just recently expanded their tiers to recognize members with 700 or more cruise points (which reflect the number of cruises, nights, and type of accommodations).

Celebrating All Year

Royal Caribbean is celebrating this milestone all year long.   Currently they are asking guests to submit their "WOWs"  via Facebook, Twitter, or other means.  For more information see their 50 Million Guests Page.   Watch this video to learn more about this milestone.

As part of this year-long celebration, we are collecting your ideas about what you'd like to see on the next Oasis-class ship.  Maybe your idea will come to life ...   What Would You Like to See on Third Oasis-Class Ship


On a personal note, I'd like to thank Vicki Freed, Senior Vice President Sales and Trade Support & Service, and the entire Royal Caribbean family for being such great travel partners.  Together we strive to exceed our guest's dreams day after day.   It is pretty easy to do when we can offer such a great product as RCI delivers the #RoyalWOW.

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