Sunday, July 21, 2013

Five Sentenced in Costa Concordia Shipwreck

Plea Bargains Accepted

Five defendants: Roberto Ferrarini, director of Costa Cruises' crisis unit, cabin service director Manrico Giampedroni, first officer Ciro Ambrosio, Indonesian helmsman Jacob Rusli Bin and third officer Silvia Coronica had their day in court.

Sentences ranged from 18 - 34 months.   It is unlikely that any of them will actually have to serve jail time as sentences less that 2 years are suspended in Italy and longer sentences can be appealed.

Costa Concordia jail sentences
  • Roberto Ferrarini - two years and 10 months
  • Manrico Giampedroni - two years and six months
  • Ciro Ambrosio - one year and 11 months
  • Jacob Rusli Bin - one year and eight months
  • Silvia Coronica - one year and six months
These proceedings were separate from the main trial for Captain Schettino, which began this week as well.  Unlike this trial, which was short due to the acceptance of the plea bargain agreements, we expect a lengthy trial for him, given the amount of testimony and complexity of the case.

Ongoing Coverage

Watch Concordia Captain's Trial Finally Underway for updates on the legal proceedings.

We have been covering the entire Costa Concordia accident, including the cleanup and legal proceedings.   For complete details, see our anchor article:  Costa Concordia Listing after Deadly Accident

Meanwhile, salvage operations continue.  It is now expected that the parbuckling project can be completed by early September, 2013.   See our article:  Costa Concordia Salvage Begins

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