Wednesday, October 3, 2012

National Cruise Vacation Month Coming Attractions

Cruise Line Specials

Some of the CLIA member cruise lines have already announced their specials for the NCVW "The World's Largest Cruise Sale".   Many have specials all month;  some have different offers for the dedicated week.

Our Facebook fans that "Like Us"  will get a special treat ... they'll get an early glimpse of the offers via a private link on our "Likers Only" page.   Of course, you can always give us a call and inquire about your favorite cruise line's specials - or destination offers.

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October is National Cruise Vacation Month, for those that haven't been following the posts this month.  We are featuring several cruise articles to educate first-time cruisers,  our "Cruise Rookies" and also to perhaps enhance the cruise experience for those that are seasoned travelers that might be looking for something new to explore on their next cruise vacation.

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