Sunday, September 16, 2012

Carnival Beards Make More Changes

Future Carnival Vacation
Certificates Eliminated

Those that travel frequently are aware that loyalty has its rewards. Many of you may have gotten to your destination without incurring airfare costs by turning in miles.

The cruise industry also has loyalty programs and other incentives.

Until this announcement from Carnival Corporation, passengers on most Carnival Ships could stop at the Future Carnival Vacation Desk, fill out a form, pay a minimal deposit, and get a certificate to use on a future Carnival cruise. As a reward, you would earn an onboard credit when redeeming the certificate at a later date.

The certificates had an expiration date, several years into the future, which would allow you ample time to decide on when and where you wanted to cruise. There was no need to determine that while on your current cruise.

Effective with sailings on or after September 27, 2012, Carnival has discontinued the program.  Certificates that are out in the field will be honored through the expiration date on the form.

Guests can still book a confirmed booking while on most Carnival ships.  NOTE:  There are no Future Carnival Vacations desks on Carnival Imagination, Carnival Inspiration, Carnival Sensation, Carnival Spirit and Carnival Victory.

Receive Up to $200 OBC

3,4, or 5 day cruise 6 day cruise 7,8,9, or 10 day cruise 12+ day cruise
$50 OBC per stateroom $75 OBC per stateroom $100 OBC per stateroom $200 OBC per stateroom

There has been quite a buzz in the online communities since Carnival made this announcement. The attractive benefit of the previous program was that you didn't have to decide destination or timeframe ahead of time. You just had to decide that you wanted to do another cruise in the future on Carnival, and when the time was right, call you agent to make a confirmed booking. The OBC can be combined with other offers, but in reality, there is little benefit to tying up your money in advance, and it could actually become a disadvantage if you were to find some different cruise that you'd rather take. Be sure to be familiar with all the restrictions before you decide to book under the new program.

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