Sunday, August 26, 2012

Internet Trial at Sea


Keeping in Contact
While at Sea

New Internet

on Carnival Magic

Carnival Cruise Line is experimenting with network infrastructure changes on Carnival Magic which has yielded much improved upload and download speeds.   It's not quite the same as being on your home network, but it is definitely an improvement of the slow connection speeds generally available at sea.

The ship is the first in the fleet to undergo the changes.   There currently is a six-week trial period in which the new changes are being tested in addition to some new pricing options.

In the past, passengers paid per minute or they could purchase a package which bundled a number of pre-paid minutes at a lower per minutes cost.   During the trial, you can sign up for $29.95 per day pricing or $119.95 for the 7-day cruise.

One big advantage of this new pricing model is that you don't have to watch your minute usage and if you are using your own hardware, you can stay connected and simply power down your device(s) when not in use.   This eliminates the need to keep logging into Carnival's network each time you want to use the internet.

Carnival will make decisions regarding the rest of the fleet after the conclusion of this trial period.

Not the Only Line Making Changes

We previously brought you news about changes the Royal Caribbean plans to introduce on Oasis of the Seas.   In our article, High Speed Internet at Sea Coming Soon, we shared details about an upgraded communication network that will be coming to the largest ship afloat, Oasis of the Seas, next summer.  

Responding to Demand

Both cruise lines are responding to increased demand for connectivity at sea.   With more and more light-weight portable devices emerging, it's not just the business traveler, that needs to stay in contact with the home office, that are seeking to be always connected even at sea.

This is good news for those that want something close to "high-speed" access during their cruise vacation.  

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