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Carnival Corp Taking Steps to Address Safety Concerns

In the Wake of 
Costa Concordia Disaster

Carnival Corporation & PLC is the parent company of Costa Cruises, and as you might imagine, has fallen under scrutiny of the entire world as this tragic accident continues to dominate the news.

Carnival is not burying its head in the sand and ignoring the situation, but besides assisting those directly impacted by the accident, they are taking an internal look at safety within their entire fleet which consists of 10 cruise lines.

Through their Facebook site, they are also answering safety concerns of their guests and providing updates on the Costa Concordia.

If I were CEO of the largest cruise line company, I might be thinking something along the following lines...   Everyone would love to turn back the hands of time so that this tragic event could be prevented, but unfortunately that is not possible.  We must learn from this, and take steps to make sure this doesn't occur again in the future.   Carnival Corporation regards safety as number one priority and will review our safety training and procedures on each of our cruise lines taking any necessary corrective actions discovered during the review process.

That is not a direct quote by any means, but based on various comments on their Facebook page and in the media, it's not that far off from reality.

We too would like to do our part to reinforce safety procedures at sea and to try to answer concerns of our readers utilizing information from Carnival Corporation, CLIA, and other sources.


If you are a past guest of Carnival Cruise Lines, you will recognize this video. For the benefit of those who haven’t seen it before, what follows is the safety video shown onboard all Carnival Cruise Lines ships. They use this to help inform guests of procedures to follow in an emergency situation.

It is much like videos you'll find on commercial airlines.  Safety is everyone's responsibility - please pay attention to the video as well as familiarize yourself with emergency exits, signs, and other safety related information before you sail.

Carnival Q&A

Q. Many of you have asked about our ships navigation systems and if we have equipment to detect rocks and depth. 

A. All of our ships are equipped with the most advanced navigation technology and our officers are expertly trained in its use. Our ships are equipped with two independent depth sensors that can detect variations in ocean floor depth. Further, we have several radars, GPS, electronic charts, gyros etc for safe navigation in all conditions. All bridge systems have a redundant back-up system in case of system malfunction. As part of our comprehensive bridge team management system, we always have multiple people on the bridge watch.

Q. Some of you are asking if it’s safe to go on a cruise. 

A. The safety of Carnival Cruise Lines' passengers and crew is our number one priority and we have an excellent record of safe operation throughout our company’s history. Cruising continues to be one of the safest means of travel and marine accidents are an extremely rare occurrence. All of our ships meet or exceed international safety and training requirements, and are equipped with the most advanced navigation technology, which our officers are expertly trained to use. 

Here’s a link to additional information on cruise ship safety on the website of Cruise Lines International Association:        Ship Safety

Q. Many of you have asked about evacuation & emergency procedures and training on cruise ships.

A. All Carnival Cruise Lines vessels meet or exceed international safety and training requirements. All of our ships also conduct emergency response drills every 3 – 6 months with the U.S. Coast Guard.

All of our ships comply with international rules that require these drills to be done within 24 hours of departure and in almost all cases, Carnival Cruise Lines' ships do it prior to sailing.  

Finally, all of our crew members undergo comprehensive safety training and we are constantly evaluating and updating their training to make sure they are prepared for any emergency.

Carnival Corporation continues to respond to questions from guests and we will share additional information as it becomes available.  We too would be happy to respond to your concerns.    See our Contact tab for ways to reach us.

All of us in the industry are deeply saddened by these events and pray for all those that lost their lives or were injured, for their families and friends, for the crew, for the rescue workers, for anyone in the Carnival "family" who have been touched directly by this event.

MAIN BLOG POST (Updated several times since the accident)


MIAMI – January 19, 2012 – Following the tragic Costa Concordia accident, Carnival Corporation & plc, parent company of Costa Cruises and nine leading cruise lines around the world, today announced a comprehensive audit and review of all safety and emergency response procedures across all of the company’s cruise lines.

Carnival Corporation & plc and the cruise industry as a whole have maintained an excellent safety record over the years. “However, this tragedy has called into question our company’s safety and emergency response procedures and practices,” said Micky Arison, chairman and CEO of Carnival Corporation & plc. 

“While I have every confidence in the safety of our vessels and the professionalism of our crews, this review will evaluate all practices and procedures to make sure that this kind of accident doesn’t happen again.”

The review is being led by Captain James Hunn, a retired U.S. Navy Captain and currently the company’s senior vice president of Maritime Policy & Compliance. Following a 32-year career in the Navy, Hunn has held senior positions at Carnival Corporation & plc for nearly a decade, focusing on corporate-wide efforts to establish maritime policy standards, while overseeing the company’s health, environmental, safety, and security practices.

Hunn and senior health and safety executives from each of the lines will review all safety and emergency response policies and procedures, officer and crew training and evaluation, bridge management and company-wide response and support efforts. Hunn will report to the Health, Environment, Safety & Security Committee of the Board, and to Howard Frank, vice chairman and chief operations officer of Carnival Corporation & plc.

In addition, the Health, Environment, Safety & Security Committee is engaging outside industry-leading experts in the fields of emergency response organization, training and implementation to conduct an audit of all of the company’s emergency response and safety procedures and to conduct a thorough review of the Costa Concordia accident.

Frank said, “This company-wide initiative will identify lessons learned and best practices to further ensure the security and safety of all of our passengers and crew.”

Carnival Corporation & plc also supports the call for a comprehensive evaluation of safety regulations by the International Maritime Organization, which was requested earlier today by the Cruise Lines International

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