Sunday, May 22, 2011

Iceland Volcanic Ash Grounds Flights

Grímsvötn eruption
Credit: Institute of Earth Sciences

Iceland: Grímsvötn eruption 
Begins 21 May 2011
Grounds Flights 
Europe remembers the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption which led to the closure of a large section of European airspace last year. Once again, ash is spewing from a volcano in Iceland, but so far the disruption of air traffic is restricted to Iceland itself.

Grímsvötn volcano, Iceland, began erupting on 21 May 2011, around 18-19 GMT.  Intensive earthquake activity, lasting for about an hour, was observed prior to the eruption.

Disruption of air traffic at Keflavik International Airport  due to the Grímsvötn volcanic eruption More

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Current Volcanic Ash Advisories (VAA) from London and Toulouse 
London VAA: Issued advisories | Issued graphics     Toulouse VAA: Issued advisories

Use the following links to browse for additional news and official information about the Grímsvötn volcanic eruption.

Latest Ash Impact on Flights

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Hopefully this volcanic eruption won't be as devastating to Europe travel as the one which began last April.  We will continue to monitor this story and provide significant updates.

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