Monday, January 31, 2011

Historic Snowstorm Predicted

The Northeastern part of the United States has already had some major snow accumulation this year, but those storms may pale next to the one that National Weather Service is predicting for the Midwest.    Light snow has already begun falling over the region, but that is only the first wave according to predictions.

NWS Forecast:   Potentially Historic Snowstorm Expected through Wednesday

The storm is being called "historic" and comparisons are being made to a major storm in late January, 1967.   Some areas of the region are expected to get almost two feet of snow from this system.

I'd rather be sailing ...
Municipalities, like Chicago, are preparing for the worst, rolling out emergency snow removal plans and encouraging residents to prepare now for the storm.   All but essential travel will be recommended if the storm reaches the expected levels.

Airlines and airports are also bracing for what will become a logistical nightmare as air traffic comes to a halt and snow removal crews battle to stay ahead of the storm.   The most dangerous aspect of the storm will be the high winds which will accompany the snow, making it virtually impossible to see.

Cruise passengers may be impacted by the storm as travel delays and cancellations have a ripple effect across the country.   For those traveling, be sure to call ahead to your carrier to see how the storm impacts you.

Major weather events like this are perfect commercials for travel insurance.  Be sure to read your policy and know what coverage and assistance you can expect from your carrier and insurance company.    It might be too late to get ahead of the storm, but that too should be considered.

Here are some resources that can come in handy as the storm intensifies.

NWS - Local Weather
National Weather Hazards

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