Saturday, January 22, 2011

NFL Football EPIC Sized

Norwegian EPIC Wii Wall Converts to Football Stadium
Watching NFL Football Playoffs
Caribbean Cruise Vacation
And the Winner is .... why not BOTH

Best seat in the house to see game
There's nothing like a good football game to get some excitement brewing. This Sunday, fans will be gathering together to cheer their favorite team on to victory.  Where will you be?

Some fans will be at the game weathering the cold winter breezes while, others will be on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, and still others will be at friends' houses or their neighborhood bar & grill. 

If you can't be at the game a Big Screen is the next best thing...

Besides football, another popular game is the Wii.    Cruise ships have embraced the rage and many have added game consoles to their entertainment suite.   Contests are held throughout the cruise.

Norwegian Epic has taken Wii to a new level by introducing it's Wii Wall which is a two-story screen with plenty of room for cheering fans.   What's this have to do with the football playoffs?

Two-Story Football Screen

In the picture above, I'm sitting at a counter in O'Sheehan's Bar and Grill on the Norwegian Epic. What you can't see is that if I turn around and face forward, I'm looking down on the big screen Wii Wall. This will be the best seat in the house to watch the NFL football playoffs, or any sports game for that matter.    O'Sheehan's will be buzzing this Sunday as the teams take the field.    You can enjoy the game while drinking your favorite beverage and having some comfort food.

These photos (click for more) were taken by us during our National Conference on Norwegian Epic last October.  There was plenty of excitement onboard as football fans gathered to watch the game.  I can just imagine the increased level for the playoffs.  

It's cold and snowy here today, a perfect setting for the playoff game tomorrow.    I can only dream about being on Norwegian Epic in the Caribbean and watching the game on the big screen.

There's always next year...

Would you like to watch the NFL Playoffs on Norwegian Epic next year?   Send us an email if you are interested.   If we have enough interest, we can form a group for one of the playoff games next year.

Enjoy the Playoffs - may your favorite team win !!!

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