Friday, November 26, 2010

Greetings from Allure of the Seas

Looking Aft from our Boardwalk Balcony Cabin

We watched as Allure of the Seas crossed the Atlantic in anticipation knowing that it would soon be our chance to explore the largest ship afloat ourselves and bring you our insider look at this new ship.

Today, we wait no longer.   This is the first of many update on Allure of the Seas that we'll write both here and on our Facebook Fan Page.  You'll want to sign up for our fan page so that you won't miss any updates.

Boardwalk Balcony Aft Cabin 12719
We arrived at the Port Everglades pier around 11:00 AM.  Royal Caribbean built a new port facility specifically for the Allure of the Seas.  They claim that from the time you enter the front door, it will only take 15 minutes to get checked in.   They did hold true to their promise.

In order to make that possible, the embarkation area is divided by deck numbers.   If you have a suite you get escorted to a separate are where you even will have a private seating area.   You'll be the first to get on the ship once it is available for boarding.

The first thing you do after entering is to go thru security screening of your luggage just like you would at an airport.   After the security check, you are directed to the checkin personnel for your deck.

All you need is your Sea Pass, Passports, and credit card for onboard charges.   You'll fill out the health questionnaire while the agent processes your paperwork.  By the time you finish signing your name, the agent will be waiting to snap your first photo - this one is for your Sail 'n Sign card.    This will be the only card you need for the rest of your cruise.  It will get you in your cabin and unlock all the extra goodies that you can purchase onboard the Allure of the Seas.

Allure of the Seas Aqua Theater
Room with a View

At 11:30 AM the ship was cleared for boarding so we made our way up the winding ramps to the gangway entrance.   Along the way we had our photo taken and showed our key card a few times before the formal embarkation was over.

Many of the cabins were not available but we lucked out and our cabin steward told us we could drop off our luggage.    We were on our way to explore the ship and sample some of the dining options.

Looking Forward from our Balcony
Boardwalk Balcony Cabins

One of the unique features on Allure of the Seas  are the many different types of cabin categories. Last count I believe there were 37 different types.    Even among the types, some locations are better than others, depending on your requirements, so I strongly encourage you to seek professional assistance to select the right cabin.

As mentioned, we had a room with a view.    The cabin we had was 12719, which is one of the AFT  Boardwalk Balconies.   We had a perfect seat for the water shows right from our balcony.    The aft cabin also has a great view for sail aways.    Looking towards the forward part of the ship from our balcony you can see the various dining and entertainment options of Boardwalk.

Finally, you can watch all the action of the Zip Line and Rock Climbing Wall.   Check my Facebook Fan Page for some photos of me zip lining over Boardwalk.    What a ride !!!!

Welcome aboard ... there's lots to tell, so this is going to take quite some time to share everything with you.   We had an action packed day onboard the Allure of the Seas.  BTW, I'm writing this from my balcony - so far the onboard internet has been very good, but we all know  speed depends on where the ship is relative to the satellite.

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