Saturday, November 27, 2010

DreamWorks Sail Away Party on Allure

Sail Away Party - Aqua Theater - Allure of the Seas

DreamWorks Characters
Start the Party
Allure of the Seas
Sail Away
Following the mandatory safety assembly, it was time to get ready to sail.  To start the party in a unique fashion, we decided to join the party in the Aqua Theater.   There was another party underway on the Royal Promenade.

Party Celebration

The cruise entertainment staff, along with the DreamWorks cast of characters,  got the party started with a flag parade and then one by one the DreamWorks characters joined them on stage.

Under the stage where the performers are standing is the pool that is used for the aerial water shows and dancing waters.

King Julien XIII
The first Madagascar character to join the party was King Julien XIII, a ring-tailed lemur who has light gray and white fur, big yellow eyes, tiny whiskers, a black nose, thin black eyebrows, fox-like ears, a long black-and-white striped raccoon-like tail and wears a crown.  

Since he loves to dance, sing, and party, he was the perfect one to get the celebration going.

Alex the Lion
Alex the Lion, the alpha lion of his heard, showed more interest in dancing than in hunting, much to the disappointment of his father who tried to teach him to hunt.

No hunting was going on poolside, but  there was lots of dancing as Alex joined the cast on stage.  By now the audience was getting into the party spirit.  

One by one the cast of Madagascar and other DreamWorks movies joined in the celebration on stage, each appearance bringing roars from the audience.   Some folks from the audience were chosen to come onstage and join in the dance.

Shrek and Fiona

All Parties Come to an End

It probably isn't a surprise to most that Shrek and Fiona were the grand finale to the sail away party.   They are shown here waving good-bye as the party comes to an end.

We have plenty more pictures and details to share with you about the party.   To see the rest of the pictures, become a fan of our Facebook Fan Page.

It's not everyday that you go on a cruise and party with the DreamWorks characters.   Royal Caribbean has entered into a partnership with them so this is only the first of many times you'll be able to see them on board Allure of the Seas.   In fact, rumor has it that they have moved in.

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