Thursday, November 18, 2010

Creating Central Park on Allure of the Seas

Construction of Allure of the Seas Central Park

How Do You Plant a Garden on a Cruise Ship?

That may sound like a silly question, but for Royal Caribbean International, that was just one of the final preparation processes that had to be solved while the Allure of the Seas is in its homeport of Port Everglades. The answer of course, is by crane.

Oasis of the Seas - Central Park
Creating  Central Park

Pictured here is the Oasis of the Seas finished version of Central Park.  The Allure will once again benefit from the experience of its sister ship as Central Park is recreated one more time onboard a cruise ship.

Just like one would plan their own garden in the back yard, Royal Caribbean's designers drew up plans for the finished garden, ordered the various trees, flowers, and shrubs, and waited for the assembly day to arrive.    On the assembly day, the plants and trees were organized and "airlifted" by crane from the pier to the ship.   Crews quickly  unloaded the crates and the planting began.   It didn't take long before Central Park took shape.

In this video, you'll see first-hand hour Central Park was assembled by a talented team of gardeners.

Video: Creating an Ocean Garden: Planting Allure’s Central Park

Thousands of plants, flower gardens and green thumbs go into making Allure of the Seas' expansive Central Park come to life! Watch as crews finish the final details on this luscious, serene and vibrant neighborhood onboard.

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