Thursday, November 4, 2010

Allure of the Seas Entertainment Preparations

Amber Theater (Photo courtesy STX Europe)
Allure of the Seas
Entertainment Preparations

It's Day 7 onboard Allure of the Seas which is crossing the North Atlantic on its journey to home port of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.    Today the weather has taken a turn for the worst as the ship gets closer to Hurricane Tomas.  Captain Zini and officers constantly monitor weather conditions to keep the ship, crew, and passengers safe at all times.

Weather plays an interesting role in onboard activities.  The ship's speed and movement impacts the various entertainers who could be either preparing for or performing a show.   In this video, Captain Zini talks about how the the staff work together to assure the safety of the performers and we get an inside look at preparations for Allure's shows.

Video: Setting Up for Showtime: Technical Preparations for Allure's Entertainment

Allure of the Seas will feature world-class entertainment on stage, ice and water but what goes into making sure these shows go live without a hitch? Watch as the crew gets everything from lights to sprinklers ready for showtime.

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