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Cruise Itineary Changes Due to Matthew

NHC Experimental Graphic TS Matthew  (click for latest)

Tropical Storm Matthew is producing heavy rainfall in Central America.  Carnival Cruise Line has altered several itineraries as a result of this storm.   We will continue to bring you updates from Carnival and other cruise lines as they become available.    Since these advisories can occur at any time, we have also included links so that you can see if the information has been updated.

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Carnival Cruise Line :  (click for latest update)

SEPTEMBER 24, 2010 – 6:00 PM
We are closely monitoring Tropical Storm Matthew which has developed in the Gulf of Mexico.  Based on the current information, we will be making changes to the following itineraries to ensure the safety and comfort of our guests.

Carnival Cruise Line Itinerary Changes
Carnival Destiny:

Day    Port                         Arrive        Depart 
Sat     Miami                                       4:00PM
Sun    Fun Day at Sea
Mon   Grand Cayman     7:00AM    4:00PM
Tue    Ocho Rios             7:30AM    3:30PM
Wed   Fun Day at Sea
Thu    Miami                     8:00AM
Carnival Elation:

Day    Port                         Arrive        Depart
Sat     Mobile                                      4:00PM
Sun    Fun Day at Sea
Mon    Freeport               11:00AM   6:00PM
Tue    Key West               9:00 AM    5:00PM
Wed   Fun Day at Sea
Thu    Mobile                   8:00 AM
Carnival Freedom:

Day   Port                            Arrive      Depart 
Sat    Ft. Lauderdale                         4:00PM
Sun   Fun Day at Sea
Mon   San Juan                 5:00PM   Midnight
Tue   St. Thomas              7:00AM    6:00PM
Wed  Antigua                     7:00AM    6:00PM
Thu   Tortola                       7:00AM   3:30PM
Fri     Fun Day at Sea
Sat    Nassau                     Noon      7:00PM
Sun Ft. Lauderdale           8:00AM
Carnival Inspiration:

Day   Port of Call                Arrive       Depart       
Sat   Tampa                                         4:00PM
Sun   Key West                   Noon    10:00PM
Mon   Fun Day at Sea
Tue   Grand Cayman         8:00AM   5:00PM
Wed   Fun Day at Sea
Thu   Tampa                       8:00AM
Carnival Liberty:

Day   Port                             Arrive       Depart
Sat    Miami                                          4:00PM
Sun   Fun Day at Sea
Mon  Ocho Rios                 9:30AM    5:30PM
Tue   Grand Cayman         9:00AM   6:00PM
Wed  Fun Day at Sea
Thu   Cozumel                     8:00AM   5:00PM
Fri      Fun Day at Sea
Sat     Miami                         8:00AM
Carnival Triumph:

Day   Port of Call                 Arrive       Depart       
Sat    New Orleans                                4:00PM
Sun   Fun Day at Sea
Mon   Key West                   10:00AM    6:00PM
Tue    Fun Day at Sea
Wed  Isla Roatan                  8:00AM    6:00PM
Thu   Cozumel                       9:00AM    5:00PM
Fri      Fun Day at Sea
Sat    New Orleans               8:00AM

In addition, all of Carnival’s other ships are operating the scheduled itineraries.

We will post updates on as new information becomes available.  Most importantly, we look forward to welcoming our guests onboard this weekend.

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