Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

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Over the years we have been to many military cemeteries, museums, and other sites during our cruise vacations.   One of our most memorable trips was when we visited Normandy, France during a British Isles cruise.  My father had been among the troops landing at the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. He lived through that day and many other horrific days during the war.  Many of his fellow soldiers weren't as fortunate.  He returned to Normandy years later and stood on this hallowed ground.   He wept for his Lieutenant and comrades as he found their graves.

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It is fitting that there is a day set aside to honor the war dead.   However, I suggest that we should remember them, and those that lived through the war and have now returned to their heavenly homes, at other times, not just Memorial Day.   

There are many opportunities while cruising to visit graves of the fallen troops.   I've already mentioned Normandy, France.   As expected there are many sites in Europe where you can visit graves and also learn more about the wars fought on that foreign soil.

Closer to home you could visit Arlington National Cemetery, before or after a cruise that departs from Baltimore.    On he west coast, you could visit Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery when cruising out of San Diego harbor.  Remember those who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor while in Honolulu.

Plan a cruise to one or more destinations that tell the history of war.  Many cruise lines honor the active and retired military by offering special discounts.   Check with your cruise specialist for more details. 

Thank You to All the Military for Your Service

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