Sunday, December 13, 2009

Royal Caribbean ChoiceAir

ChoiceAir Promotion
Starting December 14, 2009

Royal Caribbean International introduced a new air/sea program called ChoiceAir this year. It is a new way for guests to buy their air transportation to and from their cruise vacation. Guests are able to purchase their airline tickets at the best available prices, when they are booking their cruise.

The program is different than traditional air/sea programs in that customers select their own flights from all published airline schedules and fare types. Guests may book directly on the website, over the phone with Royal Caribbean, or through their travel partner. No matter who makes the ChoiceAir reservation, the guest is assured the best value for their cruise by tying their airline reservations to their cruise.

When guests use ChoiceAir, Royal Caribbean can monitor travel to the ship, and step in to help should they run into trouble in transit. They will ensure the Guest makes it to the ship or if necessary work with the airline partners to get them to the next port-of-call, whenever possible.

The ChoiceAir website filters air displays to fit the cruise time parameters, allows a guest to use different credit cards to pay for each guest in a reservation, links the air reservation with their cruise reservation, and provides optional airport to seaport transfers.

ChoiceAir is offered for Domestic flights and also in many International Markets. There is a $15.00 per person non-refundable service fee for domestic North American destinations and $25.00 per person non-refundable for International destinations.

Purchasing your flights through ChoiceAir is similar to doing so directly with the airline.
All tickets are subject to the airline's rules. Generally on a nonrefundable ticket, the guest may re-use the ticket, subject to any fees imposed by the airline. You will be subject to any penalties or restrictions imposed by the airline. Guests may call the ChoiceAir Support desk and change or cancel the reservation.

For more information about ChoiceAir consult the website or call your travel consultant.

Flights can be added to a cruise reservation via ChoiceAir up to 7 days before your cruise. From time to time, Royal Caribbean will have ChoiceAir promotions, such as the one which is currently in progress.

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