Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hurricane Bill Passes Bermuda

Still time for Golf ... As Hurricane Bill approached Bermuda

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As a service to my clients and readers, I continue to monitor Hurricane Bill. If you are looking for updates on the hurricane and impact to your cruise, click the following link.
That post has updates several times a day, including information about any changes to cruise itineraries as a result of the tropical storm.

Credit: NASAOES Project

The islands of Bermuda were spared a direct hit as Hurricane Bill passed between Bermuda and the East Coast of the United States as predicted. Since Hurricane Bill's closest point is now northeast of the islands, the hurricane watch has ended.

That doesn't mean that danger doesn't remain. A tropical storm watch is still in effect and should remain so as winds continue until around midday Saturday.
High swells, dangerous surf and deadly rip-currents will continue well into the weekend, especially along South Shore. Hurricane force gusts are still possible early today in association with squally showers and thunderstorms.

According to a source on the islands, it has been a windy night with numerous power outages caused by the tropical storm gusts. Bermuda's electric company has worked through the night but there are approximately 3800 customers still without power.

Rain and thnderstorms rolled through Bermuda starting around 9 PM Friday accompanied by heavy winds in excess of 50 or 60 MPH. The forecast for today is cloudy with occasional light rain or showers and strong to gale force gusts. Tomorrow will see some sun and occasional showers and thunder. <Bermuda Weather Service>

Fortunately for the residents and tourists of Bermuda, Hurricane Bill will soon only be a memory as it continues its path northward towards the Atlantic Canada region and beyond. As power is restored, and the tropical storm continues to move away, services (such as ferry operations) will resume.

For cruise passengers arriving Monday, on the Grandeur of the Seas, they should expect sun with some morning showers and temperatures in the upper 80s. The return home should be much smoother than the trip across to Bermuda. Happy cruising in calmer seas !!

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