Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hurricane Bill Eyes Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

Ongoing updates:

As Hurricane Bill, now a Category One storm, continues its journey across the Atlantic, tropical storm and hurricane warnings and watches are posted and lifted as the danger passes.

Bermuda and the East Coast of the United States are relieved as Hurricane Bill stayed offshore. Bermuda was the first to be spared a direct hit. There were high winds and rain with some damage, but considering the strength of Hurricane Bill earlier in the week, things could have been much worse.

Residents of the East Coast of the United States had weekend plans at the beach foiled by the tropical storm, but again, except for some heavy rain and surf, Hurricane Bill didn't cause any real issues. Lifeguards in the area took drastic measures, closing beaches, to keep people safe from the swells and rip-currents which could be life-threatening if ignored.

Hurricane Bill has weekened substantially and, according to NOAA forecasts, may even lose all tropical storm characteristics within the next 24 hours. That will be very good news indeed.

Carnival Triumph cancelled its call in Saint John, New Brunswick, and will return to New York as scheduled on Monday. This change allowed the captain and crew to stay clear of Hurricane Bill and provide a safe cruise for the passengers.

We will continue to provide updates (see above) until Hurricane Bill is only a memory. For those in the area of the tropical storm, stay safe by following guidance provided by local agencies.

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