Monday, August 24, 2009

Extra-Tropical Storm Bill Leaves Atlantic Canada


Early Monday morning, the NHC issued the last public bulletin on now Extra-Tropical Bill. We have been monitoring Bill closely for over a week as it made its way toward Bermuda and then on to the Atlantic Canada Maritimes. There are no cruise ships impacted by the storm at this time. (track your cruise ship)

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NASA's GOES Project created a movie of satellite date from August 21-23 showing the progression of Hurricane Bill. This photo (Credit: NASA/GOES Project, Dennis Chesters ) is a still taken from that movie. > View video

Novia Scotia and Newfoundland are the latest areas that can now sigh a breath of relief and cleanup after the tropical storm leaves for open waters of the Northeastern Atlantic Ocean. The winds were strong causing tree branches to knock out power to thousands of customers in the Canadian provinces, but most of the power has been restored today.

According to CBC News Canada, Ramona Jennex, the minister responsible for the Emergency Management Office, said "This was a huge storm and we were blessed that it missed us." Had the storm come closer to the coast, the story could be much different.

Here are some Hurricane Bill Photos from Canada.
The first Atlantic Tropical Storms have come late in the hurricane season this year, which often means they will be more powerful. Hurricane Bill was powerful indeed, but fortunately stayed offshore in Bermuda, the East Coast of the U.S., and the Atlantic Canadian Provinces.

There is another storm brewing in the Pacific, Tropical Storm Hilda. As you can see, I've added a RSS feed for that storm. Should that storm become a hurricane and threaten Hawaii, and ships in the area, we will monitor that storm just like we did for Bill.

Remember, cruise lines monitor the weather constantly and adjust their schedules to keep passengers and crew safe. There were only minor changes necessary during Hurricane Bill.

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