Thursday, July 31, 2008

NCL Dawn Bermuda - Disembarkation

It's hard to believe the final night onboard Norwegian Dawn has arrived. We had purchased an Internet Cafe package for the week and we still had some minutes left. So we had time for one final check of emails printing off our boarding passes for our flights home.

The Internet Cafe is located on Deck 9, and is reachable via the center staircase from Deck 8. That isn't always convenient, so we find out the secret - there is a doorway on Deck 9 (mainly intended for those that are handicapped). It is certainly easier to use that entrance than to go down to Deck 8 and then back up the staircase.

After dinner, we took a final stroll outside. There were just a few people walking around on deck. Many people were putting final items in their luggage in preparation for disembarkation. We opted for early disembarkation where we carry our own bags off the ship. That meant we didn't have to get luggage outside our door by any certain time. We were already packed, so it really didn't matter.

The morning of disembarkation arrived. We went up to Garden Cafe for our final breakfast. The early disembarkation would begin at approximately 8:30 AM, so we didn't have to get up too early. After breakfast, we went to our cabin, picked up our bags and headed down the elevator to the gangway level. When we got down there, the hallway outside the elevator was packed. There was no where to go - we couldn't even get off the elevator. The line was not moving at all even though the early disembarkation had begun.

We were finally able to get out of the elevator, but other people weren't as lucky. We've been on many ships, but never saw such confusion and a mess. After quite some time, a couple crew members came along and organized the line. It stretched from mid-ship to aft and back around the other side of the ship. It took us until 10:00 AM to finally disembark the ship. Once outside the ship, the customs process went very smoothly and we were headed to the cabs to go to the airport.

Someone had mentioned that one of the gangways wasn't operating, so perhaps that accounted for the crowds and lines for disembarkation. Hopefully that's the case since there was a lack of organization that should not be the case. Despite the lines, the crowds remained relatively patient and it didn't ruin the great cruise that we had in Bermuda.

This concludes our Bermuda cruise. If there's any additional information that you might need, feel free to contact me. I suggest you consider Bermuda for one of your future cruises.

Happy Cruising !!

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